I knew I was in the right place the moment we walked in. The Centre is great. Bella loves coming to you. Thank you so much for the work you have done with Bella and the continual contact with her teacher. You have worked wonders. We have a long way to go still, but know we are getting there because of your wonderful work.
Thank you so much.  Annette and James


And thank you again for the Irlen Screening last year, it has made a huge difference. He’s come a very long way in 18 months, he can read a lot more, decode some words and … his glasses (Irlen lenses) have made a massive improvement on his ability to write among all the other benefits (stops nail biting, being fidgety, not tired at the end of the school day etc). 18 months ago he was starting second year of prep, classed as a non reader despite knowing his alphabet and numbers for 3 years at that stage as well as being very quick to pick new things up.My niece also got diagnosed last year (shes now 9) and has also made huge progress. Something so simple as coloured lenses making big differences. Thanks so much again. Shelley (mother).  Also, this gorgeous young boy has recently read 100 books, competing in the M.S Readathon and has consequently raised $300 to support sufferers of Muliple Sclerosis!


Before coming to Aldon, Macy was behind with both her reading and writing skills. Now, her confidence has increased as well as noticeable improvement with both her reading and spelling.  Clare (Mother)


Jack has a learning disability and delayed learning. However, after coming to Aldon for only a short period of time, he has improved his times tables greatly.
Stacey (Mother)


My daughter’s school reports reflect that she is responding very well to maths tutoring at Aldon. She’s doing much better and says she really enjoys it, so thank you.  Julie (Mother)

‘I’ve gone up 2 levels in my maths!’ (Julie’s daughter)

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