ALDON Tutoring Centres Ballarat

Is your child struggling with their school work?

Is your child being left behind and not getting the help they need?

Is your child bright or gifted but is not being extended?

Do you have a gut feeling that they are not achieving as they should be?



At ALDON Tutoring Ballarat we can help you to help your child

Aldon Tutoring Centres are Australian and have been operating since 1996. Our tried and proven Literacy and Numeracy programs have helped thousands of students.     

Aldon Ballarat is locally owned and operated by a passionate Ballarat teacher.

We provide tutoring at a beautiful, purpose-designed learning centre with plenty of natural light and air coming in. Students work diligently here, away from the distractions of food, siblings, noise and disruptive students.                                                    

Student numbers are kept to a minimum for each session so that each student receives plenty of one-on-one teaching and shy students do not feel overwhelmed.    

We provide intervention as well as extension in Literacy and Mathematics.      

Highly qualified and experienced teacher for Maths and Literacy              

Each student has an individualised learning program devised for them following an initial assessment and interview.     

We are not a computer-based tuition company. 

We cater for all ages at different times of the day.                                                 

We provide honest, independent assessments.                                                             

We cater for and provide diagnostic screening assessments for visual processing difficulties (eg. Irlen Syndrome).     

We teach the necessary, old-fashioned basics eg: times-tables; algorithms; grammar; sentence structure; spelling rules; phonics.


Screening Assessments for IRLEN SYNDROME at Aldon Ballarat

What is Irlen Syndrome? 

  • a visual processing disorder – but can affect people who have perfect eyesight and high to normal intelligence.
  • is also known as:  Visual Dyslexia;  Scotopic Sensitivity Disorder
  • a hidden learning difficulty not an intellectual disability
  • can greatly hamper a person’s ability to achieve their full potential in study and work.
  • symptoms occur on a continuum and can include:  persistent reading &/or spelling difficulties;  sensitivity to fluorescent lights and glare;  frequent headaches or migraines; often feeling exhausted by the end of the day; ADHD/ADD- like behaviours; visual stress;  poor depth perception; distortions of print and difficulty reading black text on a white page.   

AT ALDON TUTORING BALLARAT we have a certified Irlen Screener/Consultant who can test individuals for Irlen Syndrome. If Irlen is the underlying cause of an individual’s problems, most people can be quickly helped using the Irlen Method of treatment. This is non-invasive, does not involve medication and is relatively cost-effective. The Irlen Method can truly change lives and has been a ‘miracle’ for many people around the world.

Please CALL: 0417 593 416 to discuss your concerns or to book an Irlen Screening.

For more information, please see our page Irlen Syndrome.